Mental Skills

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Mental Skills will provide players with basic skills to improve their confidence, performance, and enjoyment playing the game. Players will learn skills including visualization, self-talk, and physical relaxation.


Level 1

Level 1 Mental Skills

U11 - U12 Travel & Select


Purpose: Learn basic mental and life skills to improve confidence and well-being in and out the soccer environment

Format: Collective Zoom Meetings

15 players max


The goal of Mental Skills:

To help players perform better and enjoy themselves. We will explore ways players can apply mental skills on the field and beyond the field.



Phase 2

Level 2 Mental Skills

U13+ Travel, Elite*, HP*, GA*

*included in Club Registration Fee

Purpose: Learn soccer-specific mental tools and skills in order to improve confidence and performance. Players will learn skills such as visualization, self-talk, and physical relaxation

Format: Collect Zoom Meetings

15 players max


Mental Skills will be delivered via digital learning:

 - Zoom meetings

- Online workshops




Phase 3

Level 3 Mental Skills

U13+ HP & GA


Purpose: Offer to the player a personalized approach to mental skills in order to define and reach his/her goals.

Format: Individual Player Meeting

10 players max

session 2 schedule

Session 2 (Jan. 11 - March 12, 2021)

Age Group Level Location Weekly Content Posted On
U11 - U12 1 and 2 Digital Monday
U13+ 1 and 2 Digital Monday
U13+ 3 Digital Individually Scheduled


Soccer School Questions


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