File Sharing

Salvo is made great by our members, and as our members, we want to hear your story.

We believe it is important to celebrate the achievements and milestones of our players, both on and off the field because even while training the best soccer players we believe in facilitating personal growth in all aspects of life.

That is why we want you to share your stories; we want to be able to cheer on tournament/game wins, achieving your fitness goal, getting an A (or B) on your math test, injury recovery, trying something new, or anything else you want the Salvo community to know!


Filecamp how to

Filecamp is a storage and organization platform that we will be using to streamline the process of sharing photos, videos, and documents. This will be how you as a member can easily upload digital files from your computer or phone and know that it's going to the right place. 


  1. Decide what folder from the list below is best for your files.
  2. Click that files upload button (a new window will open).
  3. Fill in your email address and in the Upload Message section include your responses to the "information to include when uploading" section below.
  4. After clicking Next you can upload your files. If you are uploading from a computer read part (a), if you are uploading from a phone read part (b).
    1. If your files are on your computer you can simply drag and drop them from your desktop into the upload box. You can choose to upload individual files or whole folders. 
    2. If your files are on your phone select "Choose Files" and you will be directed to choose from your photos or documents, from there you can select the files you'd like to upload.
  5. Finally, click UPLOAD when you have finished. 

Please wait until you see "Success! All files were uploaded" before exiting the window or browser.


upload info

  • What is happening in the photo? 
  • If you are at a specific event/tournament/location
  • Player's name(s)
  • Team(s) name 
  • Your name and professional links if you would like photo credit 

Thank you for sharing your Salvo experiences with us!




Not sure where to upload your files? Don't feel like they fit in the other folder categories? That's okay! The general folder is a "catch-all" that we can organize on the backend. 

Upload files related to Salvo's community programs to this folder. These can include practices, games, team photos, etc. COMMUNITY FOLDER
Upload files related to Salvo's performance programs to this folder. These can include practices, games, training, team events, etc. PERFORMANCE FOLDER
Upload files related to tournaments to this folder. These can include tournaments hosted by Salvo as well as other clubs. TOURNAMENTS FOLDER
Upload files related to Salvo camps (full-day, half-day, all sport, etc.) to this folder. CAMPS FOLDER




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